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Duct Cleaning Service

Our Services

We provide top class duct cleaning services in Melbourne and have earned a valuable reputation in this industry with our dedication and commitment to delivering quality services each time. Our list of services include -

• Removal of dust and all contaminants, allergens, bacteria, living or dead insects.

• Fixation of air leakage, if any.

• Improved efficiency of the cooling and heating duct systems.

• Proper repair and maintenance of air ducts.

• Free carbon monoxide test.

• Cleaning of all parts of the duct like air filters, grills and coils.

• Ductwork restoration due to water or mold.

• High rise kitchen and bathroom exhaust cleaning.

• Underground cleaning.

• Sanitization and deodorization of the duct system for a clean and fresh air.

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What to Expect from Us

We are experts in the duct cleaning industry and provide top quality services. If you have any issue with your duct system, call us right away and get your duct cleaned by the top professionals in the industry. We clean the duct systems in and out and even service underground ducts and high rise duct systems. After our services, you can expect -

• Clean duct system with clean coils and filters.

• Increased duct efficiency with better air quality.

• Higher efficiency and possibly lower utility bills.

• Good air quality and clean and fresh smelling air.

• Eradication of all insects, rodents and bacteria.

Why Choose Us

We are a reputed, professional and reliable duct cleaning service provider and do our job with honesty and sincerity. Get in touch with us today and get your duct cleaned for a fresher and healthier air quality! Our services are unmatched as we provide:

• Latest duct cleaning technologies and techniques with high-quality tools.

• Carbon monoxide test.

• Air Ducts cleaning, maintenance and repair.

• Duct installation and air quality testing.

• Ducted cooling/heating cleaning and sanitizing.

• Duct and exhaust cleaning at even the most difficult accessible areas.

• Visibly cleaner ducts and fixation of any leakages.

• Quality service is our guarantee.